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You can earn Startupy curator status by completing bounties and accumulating points!

Each bounty is assigned a point signaling task complexity and expected time commitment, with 1 being simplest to 5 being most complex. Points will add up over time and in the future unlock other benefits and add to your curator reputation score. Reputation is the core of the bounty system.

If you complete 15 points worth of bounties, you will be invited to join our Season Zero curator cohort and, as an active contributor to Startupy, will be whitelisted for the Season Zero NFT curator ring, which can only be earned, not bought.

The Season Zero NFT curator ring will unlock:

  • Access to a private curator-only Discord community
  • Unlimited Startupy membership
  • Opportunity to be discovered as a top curator in our official Curator Directory (coming soon)
  • Owning a stake in Startupy. We don’t know exactly what this will look like, but we do know we want to share economic upside and ownership with our community.
  • Curator-only merch