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Add, highlight, and index top content pieces for the go to market strategy topic page. We are looking for the best, most thoughtful resources on GTM (channels, tools, processes metrics, frameworks) across Twitter, articles, podcasts, and videos. Be sure to tag all relevant companies, people, and topics mentioned and include actionable (vs. inspirational) content.

This curated list of Go-To-Market GTM Resources is a great place to start.

And this resource should definitely be added:

Success criteria:

  • Minimum 10 resources with all content added, highlighted, and tagged with relevant companies, people, and topics.
  • Make sure the author's profiles are properly tagged and linked on Startupy.
  • Make sure highlights reflect the gist of the piece. We are looking for quality over quantity.
  • Content should be properly highlighted and tagged (please take your time to tag everything thoughtfully with people mentioned, companies, etc.) so this can be a valuable resource for the community.
  • Avoid creating duplicates or orphaned topics in the database.


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